Dear Readers,

Does a building, a person, or a denomination define who we are in Christ? Can we walk in respect of someone who thinks differently from us? All good questions, heart questions -especially during these days of hurtful events. Recently, God gave me a Word that said, "It is your prayers that will help move the angels." Globally, we can't all go and fix things. We have to start right where we are, within our own hearts.   I have had to ask myself these questions of late, and found myself lacking in some areas.

For example, when God first gave me the vision of Living Waters...I was so very, very excited - exhuberantly joyful that The Creator had spoken and shown me a vision of His Plans, His Ministry! (And, by the way, that excitement and exhuberance still flows thru my heart and soul!) Naively, I believed everyone on the face of the earth would just love love love the vision. Sadly, this was not the case. It broke my heart and for a time I allowed it to cause me to be very cautious about sharing the vision, because I didn't know how to deal with someone who critized or doubted what God had spoken. There were not only people, but entities that just offered a cold response to the vision. Oh, my goodness, did this ever stir my blood! I could not grasp that some did not think or believe the way I did and still do! How could anyone turn away from what God had spoken? It was incomprehensible to me! But, that is when He began to educate me about His struggle - after all He gave His Son, Jesus, and there were many, many that did not accept Him. What in the world was I thinking--that I had no right to be offended?  

It took awhile for God to teach me that I live in a world where everyone does not believe in God, or perhaps has a lukewarm "I attend church and that is where God is" attitude. God caused me to soften my heart, fine tune my passion, and walk amongst this world with love - His Love - even for those who did not grasp the vision God had given me. Instead of anger, He taught me to love. Instead of railing out at those who have no foundation or trust in God, He taught me to pray for them.  In that fine tuning, God reminded me to keep my focus, my eyes, and my heart on Him - not to look to the left or the right...just stay the course with Him. I learned that I have to pray for those around me that walk in a lukewarm cloak and are blinded to His Truths.

What does this lesson mean to us today? It means that we do not have to conform to the world's ways. It means that we can be the person God created us to be with a passion for Him, His Son, and The Holy Spirit without being offended. When people turn their backs on you or your beliefs, when you walk in the pain of family hurts,  co-workers intent on your destruction, the loss of a job or a loved one ...whatever the pain the enemy has tried to place in your life as a stumbling block today - keep your heart, soul, and eyes focused on God and His unconditional  and unchanging love. Pray for those that offend you; pray that their need to offend is broken off of them! Pray for those that believe that what and in Whom you believe is a joke, a myth, or a fantasy. See The Truth, The Light, and The Way - Jesus! Give thanks to Him and celebrate that your prayers are being heard and are being answered! Once you pray FOR something, pray THROUGH the thing and PRAISE HIM for those answers.

As you walk amongst the world and its ways and people, be a conduit of His Light and His Love. Let His Light shine before you, and just thank Him for the opportunity to be that conduit. Let others see Him in you, thru your words and your actions. Let others see us as an example of what they need to be and can be.

Be prepared to share His Word, His Story, and His Gift of Life Eternal at any minute.

You never know when one of those non-believers or lukewarm believers will say, "How can you be so happy in the midst of all this bad stuff?" That will be your opportunity to say, "Well, let's talk!"

Have a blessed day! Please let us know what's happening with you and your praise reports as God speaks to you about doing something for His children. We love to hear about all the good things God is doing through you and for you!