Dear Readers,


We are deeply saddened by the horrific events of the past days. New York and now Texas have suffered under the hands of evilness. These are realities that none of us can change. However, the effects and impact of these events are in our choices of our reactions. There truly is not but one clear, true reaction - call out to Our Father for His Love to fall so greatly in our hearts so that it spills out to all.


If we believe His Word, and if we trust His Word, we have to walk "in the light as He is in Light" - and we need to shed and share His Light with all - friends, families and those that would call themselves our enemies. This is not a message from a 'do-gooder,' bleeding-heart person. This is the message of God's Holy and True Word - "Love ye one another..." (John 13:34).


We do not call for everyone to put a date down on a calendar for a revival; we are asking everyone to join everyday to call out for a revival of His Love to wash this nation and all the nations of this world - to flood yet again this earth, not with flood waters of destruction, but the Living water of His Love, His Truths, and His Promises. God said He would "never leave us nor forsake us" so we have nothing to fear; there is "no fear in perfect love." His Love is perfect. He told the disciples that they would do the same things He did when He left; He would leave behind "the Comforter." Let's join our hearts together in this call out to God's people - let's all call out for a blanketing of the earth in His Love.


Lord, Let Your Love begin right here - right now with us. Father, as we pray for the Comforter to touch those precious lives in NY and Texas, please touch them with Your Healing and Mending as You bind up their broken hearts. Dear God, please let us walk with Your Love in our hearts for one another so that one more, a hundred more, a million more will come to love You more than ourselves so that these horrific things will cease in your Kingdom. Father, allow us to share our hearts, Your Love with all in our circles and across the nations! Not just for today Lord, but for always until You call us to You!


God bless each and every one of you as you pray about this call out. The Lord will speak to you about what you each need to do. God bless your precious hearts as we lift our hearts and voices to Our Father together. As we pray for Texas and NY, please pray this flood to touch all areas where darkness has touched this earth so that His Light will chase the darkness away-forever. 


With love,
Living Waters Counseling and Kingdom College