What a pleasant thought to know that you never have to worry, never have to fret over any detail of our life. No money worries, what we look like or what we are going to do or better yet - what we have to do. Unrealistic as it seems, it is true. the Acts I Church experienced these thoughts and feelings and even more...they saw miracles amongst themselves. The numbers of Believers grew; The Acts I Church was a phenomenon, a passing delight built and edified by exuberant   new Believers - or was it? I don't think it was. I see joy, yes extravagant joy in the eyes and on the faces of people who have received Jesus, the Christ as their personal Savior. These people populate The Acts I Church in the 21st Century.

Because He lived and died and rose to life gloriously and was witnessed by His disciples then doesn't mean that we can not experience that joy and passion today -e very day...just like the Acts I Church. Can we share what we have? Yes. Is it OK to speak about Jesus? Yes. Are we wrong for feeling and demonstrating the power of His love constantly, consistently? No! What freedom to know that we can boldly, like Paul proclaim,  "...We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are."  Oh yes we are, and Praises to The Name above all names - Praise God - we are saved by this precious Man Jesus and His Love and Obedience for His Father - our Heavenly Father! That is pure joy!

Join me today in celebrating the joy of The Lord Jesus in our hearts, all around us! Tell someone about Jesus! Invite them to come join us in a world wide celebration of freedom from death and bondage. Invite them to join us in life eternal because of Jesus!

Love and blessings,