The 180 Campaign

Jesus said, “…You will do these things, and even greater things .” John14:12

Do you want to want to be part of a MIRACLE?

Fellow workers in the fields, twelve years ago we stepped out in faith and stood on the firm rock of His calling to “…be near the brokenhearted,” and began working to do His Will in establishing His ministry of Living Waters based on the vision He gave.

We are now at the final stage of completing that vision – the cabins. None of us realized or have experienced anything as exciting, as wonderful as what He has done thru the ministry   at Living Waters over these past twelve years. We believe that Jesus has led us into seeing that ‘…the greater things…’ is loving His children.

Marcus Jones accepted the position of President of Living Waters by saying he had always wanted to be a part of a miracle!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a miracle?  Living Waters is a miracle; He has built it, and He is ever present with us as we go about our daily duties in this stunning place.  

Would you like to become a part of this beautiful miracle? You can! Here are some ways…
We are launching The 180 Campaign. In June we received a matching grant from The Wiregrass Foundation to build the final stage of Living Waters – five (5) cabins. They have awarded us with a challenge to raise $180,510.21. As I began to pray about how to go about raising this money, God showed me that we are to go out and speak about His Love for His children – especially those that are brokenhearted- and share how we can stand together, in unity as the Body of Christ, to minister to His hurting children.

He said He would raise up 180 people to give $1,000.00 each to raise the money. He told me that Living Waters already had the $510.21- and we do!!! Hence, the name 180 Campaign. Further, He reminded me that 180 is exactly one-half of a 360 degree circle!

Here is another Biblical fact – if you add the numerals in 180, they total the number “9.” “9” is a Biblical reference to the Fruit of the Spirit and …COMPLETION! God just works everything out – COMPLETELY- and He wants us to be in UNITY as the Body of Christ to do so! In that way, the Fruit of the Spirit can flow everywhere!

There are three ways you can take part in this final, miraculous stage of the vision for Living Waters.
 * First, pray and see if you are one of the 180 people that can give $1,000.
 * Second, pray and see if you and some friends could form a group to give a total of $1,000.
 * Third, God knows your heart – if you can’t give financially, you could pray and see if there is someone you know that God could be speaking to about giving $1,000.00.

All three of these scenarios begin by praying. We appreciate your prayers so very much; we understand that it is only through prayer that things get done.

On behalf of all of the broken-hearted of His children, on behalf of the entire staff and Board of Living Waters, we thank you for your prayers – above all else. It is because of your prayers that Living Waters has come to this point.

Thank you for walking the rest of the journey out with your prayers! Whatever God leads you to do, we know that your heart and your prayers are blessings to Living Waters!

God bless you,

Virginia T. Mayer, Ed.D., LPC
Executive Director