Stump Removal: Removing the Hinderances From Experiencing God

Greetings to everyone in The Name of Jesus Christ!

     I would like to welcome you to this study.  We are looking at how to remove the barriors in our lives that keep us from experiencing the depths, heights, and widths of God's blessings for us.  To begin, just think of our lives like fields in which a farmer could have planted and harvested a really excellent crop, but unfortunately the field was full of 'stumps' that stopped the farmer cold - no plowing, no seeding, and no harvest. That is very much how we operate in our lives. God created us to receive all of His blessings; how many of us truly ever realize the fullness and richness of the gifts He has to offer? I would venture to say, almost everyone has stumbled over the 'stumps' in our fields that prevented us from moving through the field and harvesting everythng in our lives that God has for us.

     As we begin, spend some time in prayer. Ask God to reveal to you some of the stumps that might be holding up the fullness of His Presence in your life. Ask Him to show you through His Word the scriptures He would have you to use as a foundation for you as we learn more about these 'stumps' and how they can be removed.
     During the study, please feel free to comment on anything that you have read that may have stimulated  questions. We can explore some of these issues as they arise, and spend time searching out His Word that would address those questions.  If you have identified and overcome some 'stumps' on your journey through life, please feel free to share your strengths and how Jesus Christ helped you to be an overcomer!

     Look for the first installment of the study on next Saturday. I will begin checking out this site next Sunday to see who has read and responded.  I thank God for all that have chosen to join us; it is exciting to see how many will join us as we explore how to get closer to Our Father.