What Are We Eating....

Good morning!

Yes, God is still speaking, and His Words have been like honey to my spirit. He has given us a warning because of His great love for us to 'not eat of the food of the world's table.' Fear surfaced as one of the largest servings on the world's table; however, He has shown that it is the deception of the enemy that invites us to the world's table and tells us it is okay to eat.

Our pride in our intelligence, our common sense, and our image as a thinking creature often are the very doorways the enemy walks through to access our spirit! We say to ourselves, "I got this! I am not easily deceived! My common sense is more attuned than anything the enemy can throw at me!" Really? What about the movie series Twilight? Harry Potter? I was told that because the characters were Christian (and that is an impossibility based on God's Word "Just  as man is destined to die once..."Hebrews 9:27) that the movie Twilight was Okay for Christians. Same thing for Harry Potter - I was told that it was just entertainment. Why do you think the pharoahs of old had magicians and sorcery going on in their courts? For entertainment.

The enemy has laid a trap for Christians saying that if we are kept entertained by whatever means, then that is the path to happiness. Yes, God desires that we laugh, play, and play and laugh and have the best time ever! He loves to see His children happy! Rejoicing! He also loves to see that we have included Him in the thought process of being happy and rejoicing; have we done that?

Beyond the entertaining-what about deception? Our entire country was pushed aside when President Obama visited Africa last week.  The president of Senegal  said, "Our country is not ready to decriminalize homosexuality." I don't believe homosexuals are criminals; they labor under the burden of deception. Our country has moved to the side of deception in such a wave over homosexuality and abortion that our youngsters are being taught that those concepts are appropriate under the banner of self made happiness instead of God' s perfect plan for their lives.

A couple of questions for you to ponder; I have begun my own journey of asking these questions-and have found my walk closer to God than ever because of the answers He revealed to me - in complete love!
Where is deception residing in your life ?
Is He strong enough to lead you away from the deception?
Has He been leading in other areas of your life that you are just now recognizing?
Have you praised Him for His unmerited favor and grace during those times of leading and delivering?

See you in a bit!