The Word of The Lord for 2013: What Does It Mean to Me?

Greetings in The Name of Jesus!

It has been over two years since I first posted our online study, Stump Removal. The Lord has impressed on my heart that it is time to begin this year walking out what He has called us to do for this year. During a time of prayer, the Lord gave us nine (9) specific things that we are to pray about and do over the next year. The following is The Word as He gave it; our blogs this year will address this Word. Please feel free to utilize this blog in whatever way God leads you; we know with an assurance that God will direct what He needs for each of us. Because we are each individually, uniquely, and wonderfully made, how we respond to His Word will be individual and unique and wonderful - together we can all glorify The Name of Jesus by allowing His Word to grow in us and show through us.

The Word of The Lord for 2013

(Given December 29, 2012)

He said that 2013 is The Year of Enlightenment.

(1) Let this be your season of coming into knowing Me, My Son, The Holy Spirit in levels and heights to which you've never experienced.
(2) Come join Me on a journey of learning. Explore newness of places in the Spirit.
(3) Look for Me, search for Me in humankind. Seek those to whom you can share Me with their hearts of misery.
(4) You will be delivering the captives. Prison doors will be broken open; chains unfettered-will fall-the captives will be set free.
(5) Call on Me in difficult times. My Name is to be spoken out-as waves cover the earth-My spoken Name will wash and cleanse the earth.
(6) Prepare yourselves. My Words of wrath will fall. You will be covered by My Hand and protected by My Face; woe unto those that know Me not.
(7) Bring to the storehouses what needs to be brought for provision will be made through what you are storing up. Beware that your teasures are clean and useable by Me.
(8) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Spend time with Me; I will spend time with you. Cast your cares, your worries into my hands.