He Is Here-Now


Dear Reader -

How many times a day do you sit and look around wondering...."God-where are You?" In the midst of a room full of people, your heart is longing for recognition-acknowledgement of your existence. I believe a safe estimate of the numbers of our fellow brothers and sisters across the planet would be in the billions. Every human that has accepted Jesus Christ walks through a valley at some point - wondering..."OK - do I go left? Right? God...I need your direction-now!"

At the very end of Matthew, God's Word says, "I will never leave you nor forsake you..." - Yes! Blessed assurance that He is here - Now. Even in the room with the one thinking of taking his/her own life - He is there - now! He is there with the mother rocking her sick child in the midnight hour - now! Shuffling through a stack of late-payment notices - He has His Hand on those bills - now!  The husband that feels rejected - He is with him - Now! Do you see Him with that precious pastor that is thinking of giving up? He is with him - now!

Yes -we are surrounded by people who know better and do better. They operate under a belief that they have orchestrated their destiny by doing and doing...and doing. Including in the doing is they have prayed for six hours a day, sang six praise songs, and did seventeen good deeds across the community - all in the space of one day. They can say - "I did it!" I am grateful that My God blessed them with strength to get all that done. I am also grateful that He watched them with the very same eyes of love that He watched me - as I sat wondering, "God - where are You?" Thank You Lord!

Remember - right doing is not the key. Right believing is the key. Do you believe God loves you? Knows where you are? Will answer your cry - even when you think you are in the dark? If you believe that He is with you - now - your right believing will ignite the light!
Blessings, Ginger