Opportunities To Partner With Us...

God demonstrated the miracle of His Love thru His Son Jesus Christ. We pray that He uses us to demonstrate His Heart to all of our clients, and we want to welcome you to join with us on this journey. If you are reading this page, perhaps it is because He has spoken already to you about what He wants of you. Please pray about the following opportunities knowing that He will certainly answer your prayer, and by so doing, answer the prayers of many of His children.

Immediate consumable needs list:

Children’s Therapy Room – We are always in need of games, coloring books and colors, small dolls, puppets, small figures for sand tray use.

Books, Books, and more books! We give books to our clients.  We give them away and never ask clients to purchase the books. We believe if a person is hurting, it is difficult for them to make trips to a book store or have the funds or resources to purchase what we know they need. Please call us for a list of books we utilize the most.

Cleaning supplies – We do believe cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Refreshments - We want our clients to feel welcomed – and at home! What better way than to offer them a cup of coffee or hot tea or an ice cold beverage? A snack of fruit? An after school snack of cookies or Gummy Bears? Your donations of goodies or money to purchase them are much appreciated.

Office supplies – Paper, paper clips, note pads, pens, pencils, staples, etc. – etc. Thank you!

The barn – horse feed, horse supplies, and, oh yes – did I mention horse feed??? These horses eat like horses! But, also – there are those beautiful ducks! They like to eat, too. We use both the ducks and the horses in children’s therapy!

Landscaping – We can always use fresh flowers planted outside any of our areas. Trees – we love trees!

Children’s Play Area – We have a whole playground that is in need of some play equipment. 

Cabins –Currently we are booking cabins for ministry groups wanting to sponsor retreats.  We supply the necessities and can always use bathroom supplies, towels, sheets, and cleaning supplies.

The following opportunities are for you to donate yourself by ministering to the broken hearted and hurting in our world.  We want to take this opportunity to thank you for any and all of your help.  We can’t out give God – He will reward your efforts!  

Prayer Mentor/Lay Counselor – This is an opportunity for someone who has been praying and thinking about helping others on a one-on-one basis. You may not have a degree in counseling, but you know that you can listen to someone’s story and pray with them about options to get back onto God’s path for his/her life. We offer training on an on-going basis to equip you and keep you current with new skills for this ministry. Check out the Training Page for further details.

Partnering – Maybe you can’t be here on a day-to-day basis but still want to be a part of ministering to God’s children. You can do that by giving. We have several ways to give: monthly support, a yearly donation or a one-time gift. We also have a Charitable Trust set up if you would like to participate with an endowment through your estate or if you have stocks or bonds that you would like to donate as a gift to the ministry. You can go to our Donations page to make those contributions.