Our Mission

Empowering , educating, and sending men and women as Christian counselors, educators, and social workers to be near the world's brokenhearted.

Certification Training

(1) We offer a certificate program for those interested in an official certification.

(2) Those interested in certification can come to training at Living Waters or the Living Waters team can go to you. The only expense involved for a traveling team would be for travel expenses and a love offering for the Counseling Ministry at Living Waters Counseling.

(3) We furnish all training materials and the trainers.

(4)  The program covers initial overview, Levels I, II, II and a partnership for ongoing supervision through Living Waters Counseling, Inc.

Counseling Services:  Our experienced counselors use proven techniques coupled with the Word of God to minister and enable you to find the healing and support you need.
Marriage and Family Counseling will help you learn to resolve marriage and family conflicts related to divorce, child-rearing issues, and family violence.  We also offer mediation services.

Individual Counseling offers you an opportunity to work one-on-one in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to define and discuss personal issues and to reach mutually agreed upon goals.

Adolescent Counseling/Children’s Therapy offers a variety of techniques and methods to help adolescents/children experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behavior. We utilize role-playing, games, and art, as additional means of communication, as important ways of sharing feelings and resolving problems.

Employee Assistance Programs provide a variety of support programs such as conflict resolution within the work place, as well as helping with problems that originate outside the workplace when such troubles impact work attendance or on-the-job performance. Perhaps your company would be stronger if your screening for potential employees covered the mental and emotional stability of the applicants. Employment coaching is also a part of this counseling service. If your company has employees that have the potential of growing but appear stuck, Living Waters counselors can help to assess the issues and provide a plan to overcome those issues thus resulting in a stronger more productive employee. Perhaps your company has experienced a crisis and your employees are touched by this crisis. We can provide a team of counselors to respond to the crisis and provide counseling for your employees on the job site. Living Waters can provide an assessment of your needs of your employees for morale building making your workplace environement a place of  joy, peace, and stability and more effective productivity. Emotional and mental wellness  of employees makes for stronger, more effective outcomes for employers. A workforce that is stable and emotionally strong results in a company that is able to make a stronger presentation in the marketplace, both locally and globally.    

Mental Health Counseling deals with the evaluation, assessment, modification or adjustment to a problem or disorder of behavior, character, development, emotion, personality or relationship by the use of cognitive- behavioral methods.

Substance Abuse Counseling deals patiently and with compassion to help those who are in crisis. Because it is generally determined that good portions of the addict population are in need of help in many areas of their life, patience is key. Counseling can be done individually and/or in a controlled group.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder counseling for those that have served in our armed forces, but also for anyone who has experienced a traumatic event and is experiencing the grief and loss of that event. This service is for survivors of disasters, crisis events of any nature in which the survivor is still walking in the pain of that event. Living Waters is prepared to meet with those members of the armed forces and their families to assist them as they transition from the pain of the event to a new life in freedom from the impact of PTSD. We consider it an honor to be a bridge for you and your family during this time, as we consider it an honor to be a part of the healing process for any family that has experienced the grief and trauma of a life tragedy.   

Pastoral Care counseling is for those ministers and their families that have suffered trauma or crisis related to having been or are currently serving in the ministry. Working in God's Kingdom, working in the fields that are ready for harvest as a missionary or a Sunday school teacher, a praise and worship leader can be heart wrenchingly difficult at times. While we all understand and have knowledge of God's Grace, His Mercy, sometimes when you are the one in the trenches  you feel alone, lost, wounded. This counseling service is for you. Here you will find loving, compassionate, trained counselors to stand by you and for you as you walk through this valley time. These counselors have the experience and the insight into the wounded Christian worker. Come, rest, find your healing and peace through Jesus Christ as He leads you and your counselor into your new journey as a strengthened, joy filled child of God.   

Isaiah 58  is God's explanation concerning 'the true fast.' Yes, we believe in fasting; however, Isaiah 58 finds God telling folks that the true fast is when we sacrifice ourselves in ways of sharing our food, sheltering people, and taking care to help lift someone else up and out of a pit of despair. God asks us to take care of His children; this is what Project Isaiah 58 does. We help those clients  that struggle with a basic life need; Isaiah 58 Project helps our clients that have come for Christian counseling and are struggling with finances.