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(1) We offer a certificate program for those interested in an official certification.

(2) Those interested in certification can come to training at Living Waters or the Living Waters team can go to you. The cost is reduced to come to our site, because there would be no expenses for travel and accommodations. The cost for the Basic program  is $25/Participant plus possible presenter expenses.   If we travel to you, travel expenses would be incurred for either air or car. Air travel will be the mode of transportation for any city beyond the state of Alabama, outside of the Florida Panhandle or southwestern Georgia. Hotel accommodations and meals would be considered part of the expenses.

(3) We furnish all training materials and the trainers.

(4)  The program covers initial overview, Levels I, II, II and a partnership for ongoing supervision through Living Waters Counseling, Inc.

Below are some details about the Lay Counseling Ministry Training program we offer. If you would like more information or you would like to discuss the possibilities of us coming to your church, we will be glad to talk with you or correspond with you by email. We look forward to working with you. May God bless you on your journey to fulfilling His calling for your life.

Overview of Training Programs
Programs range from 4 hour sessions to 3 day workshops (4 – 6 hours each day)

Basic Overview Session:  What Is Lay Counseling ?  (Approximately 4 hours)                     

This workshop provides an overview of the complete working definition of Lay Counseling to include the legalities involved and the training involved. The parameters of a lay counseling program are discussed as well as the counseling responsibilities and ethical duties of a lay counselor. This overview
includes the reasons why Christian counseling is critical to the helping of people today.  This session helps to instruct churches in how to become an advocate in the community for Christian counseling.
Organizing a Lay Counseling Program
(Approximately 6 Hours)

This program is presented in a format that allows for the tailoring of the lay counseling program around the needs and structure of your specific church. The steps to develop a lay counseling program are laid out, including helping church members realize and understand their calling to be a Biblical helper, as well as the development of a realistic time frame for the implementation of the lay counseling ministry. Documentation, scheduling, and training oversight are established during this seminar.  

Advanced Lay Counseling Skills and Techniques I, II , III
(Approximately 6 Hours)

Pre-requisiteThe Basics of Organizing a Lay Counseling (This prerequisite is waived for those churches with an established lay counseling program in which case these sessions become professional development for the lay counseling staff.)

Part I covers basic skills such as interviewing, assessment, assignment, planning, appropriate referral processes.

Part II covers more in-depth skills such as probing, challenging, confrontation, restatements, clarifications, reflections.

Part III deals with specific assignments and techniques to be utilized in assisting people experiencing:

Partnership in Lay Counseling – We take our commitment very seriously and will continue to be available to oversee and update training and offer professional development to Lay Counseling Staff.  

The accountability portion of the lay counseling program lies in the partnership between Living Waters Counseling, Inc. and the church leadership. Partnerships are built on mutual trust, respect of both parties and are considered to be lifelong relationships.