UPDATE: God is moving quickly with the Kingdom College plans! He is so good!! We hope to have big announcements in the next couple weeks! We are in the fundraising stage right now. Please prayerfully consider a possible one time donation or a perpetual gift to Kingdom College. If you would like to cover any one of the start up costs, that would also be a huge blessing! Items needed include office supplies, computers, printers, costs for forms and materials, training expenses and many more! If you would like to donate, please feel free to contact us at 334-693-3380, at kingdomcollegeinfo@gmail.com. God Bless!!


In a time when it appears all of what we have believed and trusted in is collapsing all around us, God has called forth an educational institution of higher learning built solidly on God's Word. Living Waters Counseling is partnering with Kingdom College in prayer and is fully supporting the mission of the college. Kingdom College's mission is to train men and women in the areas of counseling, social work, and education and send them out as agents of change. While others have fallen to confusion, doubt, and anger, God is leading and calling those that hear and seek Him to build, encourage, and bring healing to a hurting world. Kingdom College students are called to minister through their gifts locally and globally on the mission field. 

Please prayerfully considering joining Kingdom College as a member of the Warrior Team to help these men and women be agents of God's change for His Kingdom purposes! You can join us in prayer and through your monthly support of any amount! A $20 monthly support will provide you with a newsletter and a place as a Charter Member.

You can mail your donations to Kingdom College, 2132 County Road 125 Headland, AL 36345 or via PayPal on the Living Waters website, here. and designate your donation to be used for Kingdom College. Your donations are tax deductible! Join now to help start building Kingdom College and providing for these men and women on their journey of change. God Bless You All!!!!